Master Key Ryan Mintz

If you don't know yourself well enough, you'll always be a victim to the outside world. Always internalizing everyone else's beliefs as your own, and feeling like something is missing. 

Ryan Alexander Mintz


Ryan Alexander Mintz


TMK miniseries on The Immortal Odyssey Podcast: Listen to these episodes to see inside the program. 

  • #8: Inside TMK:

    Being a Spiritual Human

  • #9: Inside TMK: Navigating the In-Between

  • #10: Inside TMK: Mastering Personal Energetics



You sense you’re holding back with clients + hesitate to serve them deeper through tough love


You want to set/hold better boundaries with your clients whether its time/space or energy


You want to be clearer so people better understand what it is you offer + how you can help them


You’re still figuring out what you help people with + who you help


You're not just one thing + having trouble categorizing yourself


You catch yourself comparing to others online even though “you know better”


You know the next level game is about energy + Being, but haven't quite figured out what that means internally


You’re hesitant to polarize your audience + want to develop confidence to write edgy stuff. Right now your content feels too safe


You don’t feel qualified to talk about things that go against the mainstream/peers in your field


You want to handle haters without the trigger + energy drain


You wonder if you might be afraid of bigger success


You want to tap way deeper into clients energy + increase your intuition in how to best help them


You wish you could feel better about what you're doing at work


You aren't in love with your job, but it's secure + provides


You feel limited by your job + think there's something better out there for you


You want to start a side hustle/business but not sure how to approach it 


You have an internal conflict about your work that would greatly improve your experience if resolved


You don't feel creative at work + miss your creative expression 

You can't find time for other things you wish you could be doing


You have cool things you want to do but feel trapped/limited


You want the confidence to speak your ideas


You love your job but wish you could make more money doing it


You want to better navigate differing ideologies at work


  • What you *actually* believe about any topic/life situation you may find yourself in - Learn to KNOW THYSELF

  • How to find crystal clarity for any decision you're facing

  • The mental gymnastics required for integration...because your ego is comfortable right where it is + will try to sabotage

  • How to sense energy beyond anything you have experienced before, whether you're new to subtle energy or have worked with it for years. Yes really.

  • How to rewire your mind to be highly agile + skillful

  • Your multidimensional self connection, integration, embodiment + HIGHLY practical utilization. Not ambiguous poetry.

  • Program yourself to focus properly in the dream state to retrieve the actionable messages your subconscious is constantly sending you 

  • How to shift from rational living into the natural way without rejecting society or family + becoming a hermit

  • Vital connections between emotions, physiology, organs + zones on body